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hey babe, i'm alicia!

   Growing up, I didn't always have the hottest item or the newest clothes and being a strong woman wasn't something that was exactly defined in my family. But I knew for myself, that I wanted to be strong, independent and empowering. 


  Spending years working at a club, I gained the confidence and empowerment that I was longing for. I knew my value and I worked my ass off for everything that I had. 

  After joining the beauty industry as a Lash Artist, I knew I wanted to project and instill the same feeling of empowerment I felt into other women. I took my passion for photography and building other women up and launched my boss-bitch empire, Hush Hush Boudoir.

  My vision for creating Hush Hush Boudoir is to help women feel empowered, confident, and to see the true Bad-Ass they really are!



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